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Promotion program

The Promotion program of STONE INDUSTRY-2022 includes:

• direct mailing and e-mailing of information and newsletters to top managers and senior specialists of companies from Russia, CIS and abroad;

• direct mailing and e-mailing of information through the unique database of architects and designers;

• distribution of information among the members of Association of Builders of Russia, Moscow Union of Designers, Russian Society of Construction Engineers, Russian Union of Architects, Russian Union of Builders, Union of Moscow Architects and associations of the stone industry from abroad;

• distribution of information among members of the Chamber of Industry & Commerce of the Russian Federation and regional chambers of industry and commerce;

• announcements, advertisements and press releases in more than 50 dedicated publications in Russia and abroad;

• banners and announcements on websites of Russian and foreign media partners; mailing of invitation cards though media partners' databases;

• banners, informational texts and press releases on over 100 local and international web-sites;

• distribution of the show brochures at specialized stone and building exhibitions in Russia and abroad;

• outdoor advertising in the Moscow city;

• advertisements in the Moscow underground;

• outdoor advertising at the fairground.

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