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Exhibiting costs. Application Form


Non-equipped area, 1 m2 222 Euro
Cost of electrical connection and consumption
Minimum 5 kW*
282 Euro
Equipped area (standard stand), 1 m2 298 Euro
Cost of electrical connection and consumption
Minimum 2 kW*
130 Euro
Registration fee 330 Euro

The cost of exhibition space includes:

  • Cost of overall lighting, ventilation and heating of the hall
  • Cost of general security of the fairground and the access control
  • Cost of cleaning of the fairground territory of and of the halls passages**
  • Cost of removal of wastes and trash from the specially provided places during the move-in, exhibition working time and move-out.


*Prices for other kinds of electrical connections are listed in the Form B3 of the Official Exhibitor Manual.

** Cleaning of the stands must be ordered and paid extra

Extra charge for the stand's position:

Angular (two sides open) + 10 %

Peninsular (three sides open) + 15 %

Island (four sides open) + 20 %

Registration fee


The fee includes:

  • catalogue entry in the Russian and English languages. Publication of logo and advertisements in the Official Exhibition catalogue shall be ordered according to the Form E1 of the Official Exhibitor Manual for extra payment.
  • badges of exhibitors provided according to the Form C4 of of the Official Exhibitor Manual and calculated as 1 badge per 3 sq. m. of the stand space.
  • entrance of vehicles within the fairground during move-in and move-out free of charge.


(June 27 — 29, 2023, VDNKH Fairground, Moscow, Russia):