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The International exhibition for natural stone extraction, processing and application STONE INDUSTRY-2016 successfully took place on 21 — 24 June in Moscow, at VDNKH, Hall 75.

The exhibition was organized by EXPODESIGN RA LTD with the participation of the Association CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCINE (Italy) and HUMMEL GMBH (Germany) under support of the Chamber of Industry & Commerce of Russia, Russian Union of Builders, Association of Builders of Russia, Russian Society of Construction Engineers, Russian Union of Architects, Union of Moscow Architects, Moscow Union of Designers.

STONE INDUSTRY is a new title of EXPOSTONE which has been the leading in Russia international exhibition for natural stone and one of main events in this field worldwide since 1999. This year for the 17th time the Exhibition gathered professionals of the stone industry and stone buyers from Russia, CIS and 34 countries of the world.

STONE INDUSTRY-2016 was opened on the 21st of June by the official representatives of State organizations, associations and unions which support the Exhibition: Maxim Fateev, Vice-President of the Chamber of Industry & Commerce of the Russian Federation, Andrey Garms, Founder ofthe Association of stone industry enterprises «Stone Centre» (Russia), Raymondo Lovati, Director of the Association «CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE» (Italy) and others.

The Exhibition was attended by the official delegations of the following countries: Islamic Republic of Iran headed by Jafar Sarghaeini, Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining and Mehdi Sanaei, Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in the Russian Federation; Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela headed by Alvaro Sanchez, Temporary Charge D'Affaires of the Embassy of Venezuela in the Russian Federation, Arabic Republic of Egypt headed by Ahmed Bedewi, Commercial Сounsellor of the Embassy of Egypt in Russia.

The main goals of STONE INDUSTRY-2016 were to demonstrate possibilities of application of natural stone in the town planning, architecture and artworks, to showcase know-how for stone mining and stone processing industries, to display up-to-date equipment, modern tools, techniques and technologies for the natural stone treatment.

The exhibition spanned the following subjects:

  • Equipment and technology for geological surveying of natural stone deposits
  • Technology for deposits excavation. Equipment for uncovering works, blocks extraction and waste removal.
  • Technology and equipment for development of sand-gravels and loose stone deposits. Production of decorative chip stones, decorative sand and microcalcite.
  • Drilling-and-blasting works: techniques and equipment, accident prevention.
  • Machinery, equipment and technology for stone processing.
  • Tools for stone processing
  • Stone blocks and slabs.
  • Natural stone in architecture, landscape design, interior design and town-planning.
  • Technology and equipment for production of facing stone. Facing products out of natural stone and its wastes. Technologies and tools for facing works. Modern means for facing materials quality control.
  • Art stone products, souvenirs, statuary art
  • Ritual stone goods
  • Restoration works, natural stone conservation.
  • Chemicals for care and preservation of natural stone.
  • Architectural projects with application of natural stone
  • Transportation of natural stone. Logistics.
  • Environment protection, reclamation.
  • Special literature, technical press

Structure of STONE-INDUSTRY-2016 exhibitor activity:

Over 250 companies from 17 countriesAbkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, China, Czechia, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, San-Marino, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela exhibited at the show.

Russian companies formed around 50% of exhibitors.

The majority of Russian leading stone companies exhibit every year since the Exhibition was launched — these are enterprises BIRYUZA ZAO, COMPANY ALMIR OOO, EXPERIMENTALNY ZAVOD NPO OOO (REZH), EUROSTONE GROUP, GRANDSTYL COMPANY, KAM-INDUSTRY, KAMI ASSOCIATION, KOELGAMRAMOR ZAO, KORAL OOO, MINE MANAGEMENT COMPANY VOZROZHDENIJELTD, MIRAL ООО, SAUNO OOO, STONE-SERVICE-NEVA OOO, TECHNO-ULMA OOO, TRANSMAISTER OOO, VOZROZHDENIJE TRADE HOUSE MC OOO, VSYO DLYA KAMNYA OOO and others. No doubt that the support of key market players helps to maintain the high rating and acquire new exhibitors. Since long ago the Exhibition became a traditional meeting place of companies from different regions of the country: Ural, North-West, Central and South region.

CIS countries are always present at the Exhibition. Among the constant exhibitors are KARASTGH OOO, ORIENT STONE OOO (Armenia), GONCHARIK, SANKY (Belarus), DOBRYN LLC, LITVIN CHP – KRAVCHENKO CHP, STROYKAMEN, INDUSTRIAL-TRADING HOUSE, VD COMPANY (Ukraine), TM STONE OOO (Kyrgyzstan).

The same as before the Exhibition included the National Pavilions of Italy (organized by the Association CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE), Venezuela (Organized by the Bank of External Commerce BANCOEX), India and China.

For the first time the National Pavilions of Egypt (organized by EECA Egyptian Exhibition & Convention Authority, 11 firms) and of Iran (organized by the Association of Stone of Iran and Youstone company, 12 firms) were set up. Exhibitors and visitors of the show were of the same mind that the stands of the Pavilion of Iran featured the most outstanding design and original beauty. No doubt that yellow onyx and marble of various colours brought from Iran made these stands really exceptional (you may see photos in Photogallery).

Many exhibitors displayed finished stone products (facing and floor plates, stone products for interior and exterior design, pavement stones etc.). Among them were the largest Russian companies: BIRYUZA OOO, KOELGAMRAMOR ZAO, MINE MANAGEMENT COMPANY VOZROZHDENIJE, MANAGEMENT COMPANY VOZROZHDENIJE TRADE HOUSE LLC, GRANDSTYL LLC, PETROMRAMOR LLC etc., as well as the international ones:: MARCOLINI MARMI SPA, NAMCO COSRL (Italy), JBB ENTERPRISES, MULTIWYN INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD, NEERAJ GRANITES (India), BEIJING STARS STONE CO., LTD, BEST CHEER (XIAMEN) STONE WORKS CO., LTD, XIAMEN GYYSTONE IMP. & EXP. CO, QINGDAO HAISEN STONE CO., LTD (China), DREAM LAND LMD (Tunisia) etc.

Marvelous plates out of travertine, onyx (unique including orange one) and elite marble were shown by the companies from Iran (ARMAN STONE MILAD CO, IRAN STONE CONSORTIUM, GOLDEN WALL STONE, I.S.E. INTERNATIONAL STONE EXPERT, INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMPANY OSTOVAN SEPAND (OSCO), MAHSAB STONE CO, MEGA STONE, MGT MARJAN GOLDEN TRADING). The constant participant of the Exhibition the supplier of the Iranian natural stone ALVAND LLC displayed not only magnificent facing plates but also ready products out of natural stone — fireplaces, bas-reliefs, vases, etc.

Participants of the National Pavilion of Egypt displayed facing and floor plates out of different natural stone, including unique beige-pink marble Galala (ABDEEN STONE FOR MARBLE & GRANITE, AL GAZEERA FOR MARBLE & GRANITE, ECO EGYPT GROUP FOR MARBLE AND GRANITE, SARHAN FOR MARBLE AND GRANITE), various kinds of granite (NILE SONS EGYPT FOR MARBLE & GRANITE), onyx and travertine (ROYAL CREAM MARBLE), and also stone products interior design — columns, fountains and mosaics (CRYSTAL FOR MARBLE & GRANITE, TRUST MARMAR).

Blocks and slabs were showcased by Russian (MINE MANAGEMENT COMPANY VOZROZHDENIJELTD) and Ukrainian firms (LLC GEO-INVEST, GRANITNY DVOR KOMETA LLC), as well as by those from abroad (DOMO GRANITI SRL (Italy), SHAHAB SANG INDUSTRIAL MINING (Iran), FUDING BASALT STONE CO., LTD (China), etc.

Stone artworks (presented for example by PERM of MASTEROVAYA, SCULPTURE AND DECOR (Russia), ZHAOYUAN HONGWEI STONE (China) and also original Egyptian mosaics (EGYPT MOSAIC) beautified the Exhibition.

The exposition included a big variety of grave monuments displayed by the key market players — ERMIS, GLOBAL STONE, TRIMSTROY-MONUMENT and by the companies from Karelia where gabbro-diabase is being extracted (SCALA-KARELIA PRODUCTION COMPANY LLC, REAL-RK LLC, ONEZHSKY GABBRO LLC). Besides Russian companies, main producers of grave monuments are located in Ukraine and China. Chinese monuments out of black gabbroid, shown by HAVSUN STONE, SHANXI SHIXINYUAN TRADING CO. LTD, XIAMEN TENGMAI IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD, XIAMEN YANGCHENG IMP. & EXP. CO. LTD. draw a particular interest of visitors by their particular forms and high quality.

Mining equipment was showcased by leading international producers including DAZZINE SRL (Italy) (drilling machines, diamond and rope installations and also auxiliary equipment: hydraulic perforators, pneumatic hammers), PELLEGRINI MECCANICA SPA (Italy) (diamond saw cutting machinery, row drilling machinery, bar cutters, hydraulic jacks). In Russia this kind of equipment is being produced by EXPERIMENTALNY ZAVOD NPO LLC (REZH city) — the permanent participant of the Exhibition.

This year the exposition included the unprecedented quantity of Italian CNC stone processing machines. They were brought by CMS BREMBANA, DENVER, DONATONI – INTERMAC, EMMEDUE, PRUSSIANI ENGINEERING and other companies. Actually all the leading Italian manufacturers of stone processing machinery were present at the Exhibition at their own stands (in addition to the above – BARSANTI MACCHINE, BM SRL, BRETON SPA, FRACCAROLI e BALZAN SPA, MONTRESOR & the C SRL, PEDRINI SPA AD UNICO SOCIO etc), or at stands of their local dealers – VSYO DLYA KAMNYA LLC, KAMI MACHINE TRADE ASSOCIATION, KAM-INDUSTRY, KPD-TECHNO LLC, TECHNO-ULMA LLC, YTA LLC.

JS-JET LLC presented YONGDA machine (China), GESTRA CZ (Czech Republic) – its own splitting machinery.

TECHNO-ULMA LLC exhibited innovations by the world leader in sawing machinery production GMM – GRAVELONA MACCHINE MARMO (Italy) — modern 5-axis machines with almost unrestricted potential of solid granites processing the GL3 series machines allowing to make several operations simultaneously.

Many exhibitors (50) presented diamond tools. Among them are Russian companies namely DI-STAR CENTRE LLC, NIBORIT RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY LLC, TRIO DIAMOND). As to those from abroad, the biggest number are located in China (over 200), many of them exhibited at STONE INDUSTRY-2016 (EZHOU BENEFIT DIAMOND TOOLS CO., LTD, FUJIAN QUANZHOU HUAZUAN DIAMOND TOOLS CO., LTD, HUADA SUPERABRASIVE TOOL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, SANSO SUPERHARD TOOLS CO., LTD, FUJIAN QUANZHOU HUAZUAN DIAMOND TOOLS CO., LTD etc.). In Europe diamond tools are being produced by «old» firms well reputed with clients. DELLAS SPA, NICOLAI DIAMANT SRL, SUPER SELVA SRL (Italy), VD OOO (Ukraine), GONCHARIK PE (Belarus) took part in the show.

STONE-SERVICE-NEVA LLC showcased the whole line of the diamond and abrasive tools by well-known world manufacturers – TENAX, TECH-NICK, NUOVA MONDIAL MEC, MD DARIO (Italy), PROMASZ (Poland), LINGJI, XIAMEN EASTERN PEGASUS, ZHONGZHI (China).

ALMIR COMPANY LLC presented an innovation of Russian scientists for polishing marble, granite, ceramic granite, quartz agglomerate and terazzo floors— the diamond resin bond UNIPAD EXTRA grinding tool as well as latest abrasive and diamond tools for polishing granite and marble plates by ABRASIVI ADRIA and ABRESSA (Italy).

Chemicals for stone care and protection were shown mainly by Russian producers and Russian dealers of international companies.

ALMIR COMPANY LLC displayed a made in Russia innovative two-component epoxy glue OPTIMUS EPOXY LIQUID for strengthening color and improvement ofnatural stone look, forming decorative and protective environment resisting coatings, and also new agents for protection and uncovering of texture of natural stone by BELLINZONI (Italy).

TECHNO-ULMA LLC showed a line of professional chemicals by ROBERLO (Spain), LLC EKIM — by ELKAY (Turkey).

The Business program of STONE INDUSTRY-2016 included many interesting events. The Research & Application Conference «SCIENCE IN THE SERVICE OF PRODUCTION», organized by Mining institute (within Moscow Steel and Alloys University) took place on the first day. Presentation forum organized on the second day included presentations of innovations, products and services made by exhibitors – e.g. TRIO DIAMANT, ALMIR COMPANY LLC, MINE MANAGEMENT COMPANY VOZROZHDENIJELTD, KAMNEREZ LLC (Russia), DREAM LAND LMD (Tunisia), MGT (Iran), ECO EGYPT GROUP FOR MARBLE AND GRANITE (Egypt), etc. On the third day of the Exhibition master classes of architects and designers on application of natural stone in interior and exterior design were held.

The Seminars «Natural stone market of Russia: development over the last 25 years, current state and prospects» organized by STONE & BUSINESS publishing house and «Problems of import of natural stone to Russia» (organizers — KASHUBA DESIGN International interior and architectural bureau, STONE WEALTH MANAGEMENT company and «PRO Interior. Design & Decor» magazine aroused a great interest of visitors.