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STONE INDUSTRY- the international exhibition for quarrying, processing and application of natural stone — successfully took place in Moscow, the 75th pavilion of VDNH Fairgrounds from June 25 to June 28, 2019. This year the Exhibition celebrated its 20th anniversary and once again became an important event for manufacturers, consumers and experts and all those that love natural decorative stone. The Exhibition also favoured the development of the stone science — it contributed to the improvement of stone quality assessment methods as well as to the development of sustainable quarrying and processing systems and the solution of environmental issues.

The Exhibition was organized by the EXPODESIGN MA Exhibition Company with the participation of CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE ASSOCIATION (Italy), Stone Center Association of the Russian Stone Industry Enterprises, ANTE-ANLAGEN TECHNIK GMBH Company (Germany), under support of the Russian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Association of Builders of Russia, Russian Society of Construction Engineers, Russian Union of Architects, Moscow Union of Architects, Union of Designers of Moscow.

The main objectives of the STONE INDUSTRY-2019 were to showcase the great variety of natural stone as well as latest equipment, tools, and technologies for quarrying and stone processing industries, to demonstrate the possibilities of application of natural stone in modern urban planning, architecture, art, interior design, to favour the interaction of manufacturers and consumers and the development of inter-regional and international cooperation.

The Exhibition spanned the following subjects:

  • Equipment and technology for geological surveying of natural stone deposits.
  • Technology for deposits excavation. Equipment for uncovering works, blocks extraction and waste removal.
  • Technology and equipment for development of sand-gravels and loose stone deposits. Production of decorative chip stones, decorative sand and microcalcite.
  • Drilling-and-blasting works: techniques and equipment, accident prevention.
  • Stone processing machinery, equipment and technology.
  • Tools for stone processing — diamond, abrasive, carbide.
  • Dimensional stone, blocks and slabs.
  • Natural stone in architecture, landscape design, interior design and town-planning.
  • Technology and equipment for production of facing stone. Facing products out of natural stone and its wastes. Technologies and tools for facing works. Modern means for facing materials quality control.
  • Artworks, souvenirs, statuary art.
  • Grave monuments.
  • Maintenance, conservation & restoration of natural stone.
  • Chemicals for care & preservation of natural stone.
  • Architectural projects with application of natural stone.
  • Transportation of natural stone. Logistics.
  • Environment protection, reclamation.

Structure of STONE-INDUSTRY-2019 exhibitor activity:

The total area of the Exhibition exceeded 7000 sq.m.

Over 280 companies from 18 countries — Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Germany, India, Iran, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, San Marino, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic – took part.

Russian firms accounted for approximately 45% of the total number of exhibitors. Companies from different regions of the country- Ural, North-West, Central and South region -presented their products.


Some Russian companies presented their products for the first time – among them SHARTASH GRANITE, GEOVODSERVICE, TRADING COMPANY GP, CLOUD COMPUTING, SIBERIAN GRANITE etc.

This year the Exhibition gathered much more participants from the Ukraine. Most of them brought granite, gabbro and labradorite from Ukrainian quarries (GEO-INVEST — red-black granite from Kapustino, QUANTA-LH PE — unique labradorite from Katerinovo as well as granite samples from almost all the Ukrainian quarries, POLISSYA COMPANY – various granites and gabbro from its ownBukovskoye-1quarry, DOBRYN LLC — red granite and gabbro, etc. The others exhibited diamond tools (LITVIN CHP – KRAVCHENKO CHP, VD COMPANY).

The list of exhibitors always includes those from CIS countries: Armenia (ORIENT STONE), Belarus (GONCHARIK PE, SANKY.BY, ), Uzbekistan (IMPERIAL GRANITE), Kazakhstan (KAZAKH MINING COMPANY). Kyrgyzstan (CENTRAL ASIAN STONE-PROCESSING PLANT).

The same as before the Exhibition included the National Pavilions of Italy (organized by the CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE Association), India and China.

STONE INDUSTRY-2019 showcased all the variety and beauty of natural stone. One could admire granite, pegmatite, gabbro, basalt, marble, limestone, travertine, tuff, shell rock and other kinds of stones of all possible colours and patterns. The exposition included almost all traditional kinds of stone, visitors shall only choose the stone up to their needs and requirements for quality and price.

Most of the companies- participants of the STONE INDUSTRY exhibition are constantly improving and modernizing their plants' equipment in order to increase the quality, assortment and appeal and reduce the cost of products. KOELGAMRAMOR, one of the key producers of marble in Russia, updates its quarrying and stone-processing machines on a regular basis. In 2018-2019 the company launched three new stone-processing centers. This year KOELGAMRAMOR made an emphasis on technological innovations and an unusual design. Among their exhibits was an original carved table made of Koelga marble with a crocodile head in the middle of the tabletop, that was always gathering crowds of visitors. Many exhibits presented by KOELGAMRAMOR featured the combination of stone with other materials, primarily with metal and wood – this being the prospective trend of modern interior design.

Another continuous participant of STONE INDUSTRY exhibition – BIRYUZA — is constantly improving technologies of quarrying and cutting blocks. In 2019 the marble from their Perevalnoye quarry was tested in a specialized laboratory – the results of the test confirmed the highest quality of the marble and its compliance with the requirements for natural facing stone stated in regulatory documents of the industry. The company introduced the practice of stone selection by colour, which allowed to offer consumers various options of stone cladding. The production of ornamental panels is under the way of development.

The exposition included new stones from Russian quarries. For the first time granite from Shartash quarry (Siberia, YekaterinburgRegion) was presented by SHARTASHSKY GRANITE company, original red-black-and-white NARVA marble from Krasnoyarsk Region (Siberia) and gabbro-diabase BLACK LEOPARD from the new quarry in the Republic of Khakassia was brought by GEOVODSERVICE company.

VOZROZHDENIE MINE MANAGEMENT COMPANY showcased the stone from its new quarries. The company started the development of the Kalguvara-2, located near Kalguvara quarry (owned by MKK Holding), Kalguvara-2 giving stone of higher quality in terms of physical and mechanical properties.

The new participant of the Exhibition ALAM CASPIAN supplies natural stone, ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware from Iran. They demonstrated slabs manufactured under the new technology, which allows to make polished slabs of increased dimensions, up to 2 × 3.3 meters, with a thickness of 30, 20 and even 10 mm. These slabs attracted a great interest of professionals, since they significantly expand the possibilities of stone application in interior design.

KVANTA-LCH PE (Ukraine) introduced a new medium-grained labradorite from Katerinovo which is considered the blackest of labradorites at the present time.

The fast-growing company STONECUBE — a permanent participant of the Exhibition from India — is expanding the range and colour palette of its natural stone. This year the company presented more than 100 types of Indian natural stone of various colour and design.

The exposition included interesting novelties of the Exhibition «newcomers».

WHITE MARBLE is the only marble producer in Mongolia. Their coarse-grained translucent white marble added zest to the exposition. According to the geological map the company can offer also fine-grained varieties which are in higher market demand.

ESCAVAMAR SRL (Italy) demonstrated the magnificent marble from the company's own quarry in France: GRAND ANTIK which features the contrast combination of black and white tints and ETRUSCAN RED that got its name for its resemblance to Etruscan vases.

GÖLALAN MARBLE company (Turkey) displayed splendid deep red and green marble with white streaks ROSSO LEVVANTA and VERDE LEVVANTA from Turkey.

Many participants showcased products made of natural stone — goods for exterior, interior and landscape design, tiles for facades, stone for pavement, stone artworks & decorative products, mosaics, grave monuments etc.

Stone artworks imparted a particular beauty to the exposition. They were presented by GEOVODSERVICE (the entire room made of natural stone), DIK KAMEN (among their exhibits was an original marble motorbike), RUSSIAN GRANITE (granite balusters, columns), PETROMRAMOR (sculptures, mantelpieces, vases, fountains), ALVAND (Iran) and ZOLFAGHAR STONE (Iran) – sculptures, vases and other objects made of onyx.

The Exhibition showcased a great variety of grave-stones, produced by Russian and Chinese companies. Among the Russian ones — those from Moscow Region (GLOBAL STONE PRODUCTION AND TRADE GROUP OF COMPANIES, ERMIS etc.) and a lot of firms from Karelia where gabbro-diabase is traditionally extracted: ALMAZ-POBEDIT, GABBRO KAM, KAREL STONE, KARELIAN GABBRO-DIABASE,ONEZHSKY GABBRO, REAL-RK, SKALA-KARELIA, TRADE HOUSE TRADE GROUP, etc. The grave memorials of Chinese producers made out of black gabbroid and Shanxi Black granite attracted a particular attention of buyers — the most well-known of them is HAVSUN STONE which participate in the Exhibition since its establishment.

A big section of the exposition was composed by quarrying machinery and stone processing machinery & equipment. New equipment and technologies enable the continuous improvement of the quarrying and stone processing methods. Nowadays quarrying of dimensional stone by diamond wire saws, cutting blocks by large diameter saws and by diamond multi-wire saws, carving of ornaments on slabs by high-precision water-abrasive machines, use of 3D scanners and 4-5-coordinates CNC machines, application for manual works of diamond tools that do not require water cooling become routine. Companies – producers of machinery and equipment are constantly improving their devices in order to reduce the self-cost and increase the quality of works. The companies from Italy (BRETON, EMMEDUE, INTERMAC – DONATONI, PEDRINI, PELLEGRINI and many others) which are «trend-setters» in this industry, presented their innovations.

INTERMAC — DONATONI (Italy) and their Russian dealer YTA LLC presented innovative stone processing machines: CNC bridge saw Donatoni five interpolated axis Jet 625 CNC for makingcuts up to 200 mm and the manually-operated processing center Ghines Group Systar Basic which is able to fulfill all kinds of processing operations and so is indispensable for small stone processing factories.PEDRINI has developed multi-rope machines (32 and 64 ropes) for cutting marble blocks into slabs, polishing machines for marble and granite slabs with width capacity 2.2 meters, systems for hardening brittle and fractured natural stones.

NPO EXPERIMENTAL PLANT (city of Rezh, Russia) produces quarrying and stone-processing equipment which is in not inferior to Italian analogues in many technical aspects, but has much lower price. Many Russian quarries, as well as the quarries of Turkey, China, India and Africa are equipped with these machines. In 2019 the company developed the technology for using quarrying equipment for construction of buildings with underground floors in specially protected city districts.

The new participant of the Exhibition — EFARGE MAKINE IMALAT (Turkey) offered marble push down machines, edge and surface treatment systems.

Сhinese machinery manufacturers сonstantly keep up to with innovations of the industry and immediately respond to the market needs. Today in China many types of modern stone-processing machines are being manufactured, diamond multi-wire saws including. It is very encouraging that the majority of Chinese manufacturers have recently changed their approach to the Russian market. If earlier their slogan was «sell and quit», this year they started to offer after-sale services. WICOLI MACHINERY (China, Xiamen) exhibited stone processing tools. But when onsite they suddenly got a request for quarrying machines from Russian clients, Tom Zang, the company manager, in a few minutes gave the exhaustive information and formed a customer proposal. The company not only supplies machines but also provide commissioning and maintenance and gives a one-year warranty.

GESTRA CZ (Czech Republic) presented its own equipment for splitting natural stone, HUMMEL GMBH ANTE ANLAGEN TECHNIK offered visitors equipment for quarrying and stone processing made in Germany.

Laser and milling engraving machines were displayed by Russian (DELK RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CENTER, MIRTELS, SAUNO, SOFTELECTRONICS etc.) and Chinese companies (QUANZHOU JDK DIAMOND TOOLS CO LTD etc.).

A lot of exhibitors presented diamond and abrasive tools. First of all these are those from ItalyADRASIVI ADRIA, DIALINE, DIAMOND SERVICE, NICOLAI DIAMANT, SUPER SELVA etc. and from China (30 participants, among them — HUANG CHANG (XIAMEN) IMPORT & EXPORT Co. LTD, QUANZHOU TIANLI GRINDING TOOLS MANUFACTURER CO., LTD etc.). The exposition also included tools made in the Ukraine (VD COMPANY, DISTAR trademark at the stand of BILYK I.N.) and in South Korea (presented by dealers — SANKY (Belarus), ALMI LLC etc.)Nowadays many Chinese manufacturers of hand tools complete research works and constantly improve their products. HUANG CHANG (XIAMEN) IMPORT & EXPORT Co. LTD which has been continuously participating in STONE INDUSTRY for last 10 years, offered the big variety of tools and appliances – at their stand one could find everything necessary for manual processing of natural stone. QUANZHOU TIANLI GRINDING TOOLS MANUFACTURER CO., LTD demonstrated a «all-in-one» tool for stone processing made of new materials. Comparing to previous models the tool is much lighter and more durable, since working segments do not come off.

Together with natural stone several companies exhibited an engineered and agglomerated stone. In this field Chinese manufacturers are also trying to compete with well known Italian producers. QINHUANGDAO JINGWEI STONE CO., LTD displayed new samples of artificial quartzites of various of colors and designs, including those imitating natural stone.

Chemicals for stone maintenance and protection were demonstrated mainly by Russian dealers of international companies. The leading position in this field is invariably taken by BELLINZONI (Italy) and AKEMI (Germany) which in Russian are being presented by their Russian dealer COMPANY ALMIR. Mastics, adhesives, chemicals for cleaning and protecting natural stone by BELLINZONI attracted a particular attention of visitors. STONE-SERVICE-NEVALLC — the official representative of TENAX in Russia — showed glues, mastics, resins, abrasives, surface treatment agents by this famous Italian producer, SERVIS KAMNYA GROUP OF COMPANIES exhibited glues, impregnating and polishing liquids by ILPA (Italy).

For the first time, a professional software for planning stone production and management of quarrying and stone processing enterprises was presented by CLOUD COMPUTING LLC.

STONE INDUSTRY-2019 included a comprehensive Program of events targeted on the industry professionals.

The conference «NATURAL AND ENGINEERED STONE IN INTERIOR DECORATION AND FAÇADE CLADDING: RESEARCHES, TECHNOLOGIES, APPLICATIONS», organized by Moscow Mining institute (MGI) within Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys National Research Technological University (NITU MISiS) highlighted such topical issues as application of natural stone, restoration works, new technologies for processing of natural stone and production of artificial stone.

The seminarof AKEMI (Germany) on application of their chemicals for stone care, masterclasses organized by the ArchDialog Agency on application of stone in interiors, presentations of new quarries, seminars on restoration works and logistics of stone enterprises aroused a great interest.