Why exhibit?

Exhibiting at STONE INDUSTRY will give you the unique opportunity to present your products to the wide range of industry professionals, increase the volume and geography of sales, find new customers and partners.

STONE INDUSTRY target groups of visitors:

highly-qualified professionals and decision makers in stone, tools, accessories, chemical products, machinery and services for the stone industry, construction and contract companies, commercial firms, architects, interior, exterior and landscape designers, restorers, specialists from funeral services etc.

You shall exhibit at STONE INDUSTRY if you are interested to:

  • Present your products to industry professionals

Visitor professional status:

Visitor company activitу:

  • Acquire new clients from regions of Russia, CIS and foreign countries

Visitor regional status:

  • Conclude profitable contracts

Purpose of visit:

Visitor decision making status:

  • Establish new partnerships, strengthen the company image and position at the market

Visiting exhibition:

Based on visitors-2023 survey

Take part in the main event of the stone industry in Russia