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Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion No. 57

27 - 29 June 2023


23rd international exhibition in the field of extraction, processing and use of natural stone "INDUSTRY" STONE" was held in Moscow, in pavilion No. 57 of VDNKh from June 28 to 29.

The exhibition was organized under the Patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, with the participation of the Association of Stone Industry Enterprises of Russia "STONE CENTER", with the support of the Russian Society of Construction Engineers, the Association of Mining Industrialists of Karelia, the Union of Architects of Russia, the Union of Moscow Architects, International public association "Union of Designers", Union of Moscow Designers.

“STONE INDUSTRY-2023” was a great success. The number of participants increased by 1.5 times compared to the previous year, and the area increased accordingly - the exhibition occupied completely two floors of the pavilion, some of the stands were located in the open area - according to the organizers, such a rapid growth of the exhibition indicates the successful development of the natural stone industry in our country country and great interest in the Russian market from foreign companies.

At the exhibition “STONE INDUSTRY-2023” on an area of more than 6,600 sq.m. 246 companies from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, India, Iran and Italy took part. I would like to note that in connection with the lifting of anti-Covid restrictions, Chinese companies are actively striving to gain or restore positions in the Russian market - more than 70 participants from the Middle Kingdom came to the exhibition, about a quarter of them are new companies that are just starting their business with Russia.

The number of visitors was 7,210 specialists.

For the 23rd time since its founding, “STONE INDUSTRY” brought together on a single platform representatives of companies engaged in the extraction and processing of natural stone, and their clients - workers in the stone mining and stone processing industries, builders, architects, designers, professionals in the field of urban planning and urban management, artists, restorers, etc.

The main goals of the exhibition are to demonstrate various types of natural stone, as well as the latest equipment, tools, chemicals, techniques and technologies for the extraction and processing of stone, stone products for various applications, to show the possibilities of using natural stone in modern urban planning, architecture, art, interior design, present know-how for the stone processing and stone mining industries, create conditions for interaction between producer and consumer and the development of interregional and international cooperation. “STONE INDUSTRY” has always been and remains the place where the exhibitor has the opportunity to talk directly with the client, conclude profitable contracts, where you can always get an expert opinion, learn market news and get tools for working in modern economic reality.

The exhibition was attended by Russian companies from various regions of our country - Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region, Karelia, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Altai and Krasnoyarsk territories, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, Ivanovo, Vologda, Oryol, Rostov, Saratov, Smolensk, Yaroslavl regions, Mordovia, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Stavropol and Krasnodar territories, the Republic of Crimea.

As in all previous years, many companies from the Urals and Siberia came to the exhibition - a region where the extraction and processing of natural stone has long been widely developed. These are, first of all, the permanent participant of the exhibition JSC "KOELGAMRAMOR", which extracts and processes the only white marble in Russia, LLC "GURIATI", which has its own granite quarries in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia, other "stone" companies (LLC "SANARSKY GRANITE", LLC TD SIBERIAN GRANITE, JSC URAL STONES, LLC MABL, KRASNOYARSK STONE PROCESSING PLANT, LLC URAL MEMORIAL COMPANY), as well as enterprises that work in the development and supply of equipment and tools (IMPOS STONE LLC , NPO EXPERIMENTAL PLANT LLC, URALFREZER, etc.). The Association of Stone Industry Enterprises of Russia “STONE CENTER”, a co-organizer and partner of the exhibition since its inception, also worked at the exhibition at its own stand.

The exposition of companies from the Republic of Karelia this year attracted special attention of visitors both with exclusive stands and various types of stone presented. In recent years, various quarries have been actively developed in Karelia; a large number of stone mining and stone processing enterprises. Many of them participate in the exhibition every year, as well as the Association of Mining Industry of Karelia that unites them. Exhibitors from Karelia - "GPK NORTH-WEST", CJSC "INTERKAMEN", LLC "STONE WORKSHOPS OF KARELIA", LLC "KARELIAN GRANITE COMPANY", LLC "KARELIAN GABBRO-DIABASE", "KARELIAN STONE", "KKRK - CANE PROCESSING PLANT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KARELIA ", LLC "ONEZHA GABBRO", LLC "REAL RK", LLC "SANDAL STONE", "TC VOSKHOD", LLC "TRADE HOUSE KRONOS", LLC "PHOENIX" (GRANITINVEST), as well as LLC "MANAGEMENT COMPANY "GORNOE" REVIVAL MANAGEMENT, which has its own quarries in Karelia, presented gabbro-diabase, traditional for this region, with a characteristic rich black color, various types of colored granites (garnet amphibolite, granosyenite, green pyroxenite, red-gray gneiss granite, etc.), as well as products from these types of stone.


Among the companies that took part in the exhibition for the first time, I would like to note the HTS PRODUCTION COMPANY, VOSKRESENSKIY STONE-CUTTING WORKSHOP, TERESK DIAMOND TOOL PLANT JSC, ARKADO-GRANITE LLC, EDEL-GRANITE LLC and etc.

Traditionally, most of the exhibition was devoted to natural stone in blocks and slabs.

Already on the approach to the Pavilion, visitors were greeted by multi-ton blocks of Italian marble of unusual colors from PIETRA BIANCA (ARTICHOKE LLC), as well as blocks of Tokimovsky granite of deep dark brown color with red inclusions from PHOENIX LLC (“GRANITINVEST”).

During 3 days of the exhibition, experts could see with their own eyes stone from more than 40 quarries located in various parts of Russia and the CIS (from the Drugoretskoye, Vyantti, Syuskyuyansaari, Mount Tokimovka deposits in Karelia, Baltiyskoye in the Leningrad region to Mansurovskoye in Bashkortostan, Koelginskoye, Pokhodilovskoye and Koshkarikhinskoye in the Urals, Yuzhno-Sultaevskoye and Nizhne-Sanarskoye in the Chelyabinsk region, Perevalnoye in Dagestan, etc.), as well as marble, granite, onyx and travertine from Iran and Kazakhstan, marble and travertine from Kyrgyzstan , marble and granite from Turkey, granite from India, marble and quartz from China.

Granite, pegmatite, gabbro, basalt, marble, limestone, tuff, shell rock, travertine shone with a variety of colors and patterns. Almost all traditional varieties of stone, which have a large volume of consumption in the stone industry, were presented at the exhibition. The consumer only had to choose a stone that suited his needs, at the optimal price and quality.

As in previous years, visitors could admire the unique white marble of the Koelginskoye deposit (JSC KOELGAMRAMOR), Dagestan marble in warm beige tones (JSC TURQUOISE), granite of the SANAR trademark of the original “Dolmatinsky” color (SANARSKY GRANITE LLC), unique gabbro granite BLACK LEOPARD, NARVA marble and RED PILLAR granite (GURIATI LLC).

Leading granite mining enterprise in Russia MANAGEMENT COMPANY "GU PA "VOZROZhDENIE" offered granite from its own quarries Vozrozhdenie, Baltiyskoye and Elizovskoye-1 (granosyenite), Nigroozero (garnet amphibolite), Sopka Buntina (green pyroxenite), Kalguvara-1 (red-gray gneissogranite), as well as granites mined in Finland.

JSC "URAL STONES" demonstrated the famous Mansurovsky granite of a light gray shade, which is widely used for the production of products used in construction, architecture and urban planning.

GEOSTILE LLC presented sands and crushed stones from marble, granite and other rocks, KAMENNY Dvor LLC presented dark gray and black gabbro diabase and limestone from the Krasnoklyuchevskoye deposit.

Among The exhibits included a lot of stone from foreign quarries. DEVAY MARBLE LTD. (Turkey), as well as the Russian company MARBLE AND GRANITE SHOP presented magnificent varieties of Turkish marble. ALVAND LLC, whose stand attracts attention every year with the most beautiful types of stone, offered visitors traditional Iranian greenish onyx and translucent orange traonix with gray veins. The representative of the Iranian company SHAHRIAR CHARM in Russia, IKT LLC, presented onyx, marble and travertine from Iran in a stunning variety of colors and shades.

Chinese companies brought to the exhibition both various types of natural stone from their own quarries, as well as artificial stone. XIAMEN STONE ENTERPRISE CO. LTD., XIAMEN NORTHERN MINING STONE CO. LTD. and others demonstrated various granites, including the best Chinese black granite SHANXI BLACK. STONEWHITE (XIAMEN) STONE CO LTD. introduced beautiful white marble, XIAMEN TINA STONE CO. LTD. offered visitors BLACK GALAXY, BLACK FOREST, COFFEE WOODEN, ATHEN WOODEN marble and TAN BROWN and EMERALD PEARL granite.

Following the modern fashion for environmentally friendly artificial stone, produced from natural waste without adding harmful resins, more than 15 Chinese companies (among them - GALASTONE CO LTD, GUANGDONG BOSUN STONE LTD, MAYHERN QUARTZ LTD, QINHUANGDAO JINGWEI STONE CO LTD, SHANGDONG YANDE MATERIALS, FUJIAN QUANZOU NANXING MARBLE LTD and others) offered visitors quartz of various colors and shades.

UNIVERSAL MARBLE & GRANITE (DONG GUAN) CO LTD, a leading Chinese supplier of marble, granite, limestone and sandstone, took part in the exhibition. The company is known for supplying natural stone to more than 3,000 major projects both in China and abroad, including the luxurious eight-star Emirates Palace Hotel and the largest Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi (UAE). The original marble mosaic tiles of various colors for which the mosque is famous were on display as a sample.

A significant part of the exposition consisted of natural stone products.

Many exhibitors, including LLC “STONE Dvor” , LLC "KRASNOYARSK STONE PROCESSING PLANT", LLC "MEGASTONE GROUP", LLC "ONEZHA GABBRO", PDT "STROYKAMEN" and others presented products for the construction and design of exteriors and interiors - tiles for facade cladding, paving stones, borders, steps, window sills, tabletops, etc.

Among the exhibits there were also original items for interior design, artistic and decorative items.

CAMDEN-RUS LLC, a regular participant in the exhibition, offered visitors unique products made from a combination of gray granite and black marble (tables, cabinets, chair elements and mirror framing, candlesticks, glasses, chess, etc.). ALVAND LLC exhibited original furniture made of greenish onyx with brown veins, TURKUZA LLC exhibited tables and other interior items made of Dagestan beige marble.

This year, YUSSA-GRAN LLC brought original marble sculptures to the exhibition, VOSKRESENSKIY STONE-CUTTING WORKSHOP presented to visitors a model of a church made of white stone from the Khrapovitsky deposit, XIAMEN AFAITHSTONE I&E CO LTD demonstrated beautiful marble mosaics.

Traditionally, part of the exhibition was devoted to ritual items - monuments, tombstones, memorial complexes, vases, balls, etc. They were represented by Russian companies, including PRODUCTION AND TRADE GROUP OF COMPANIES "GLOBAL STONE", GRANITE COMPANY, LLC "TRADE HOUSE KRONOS", LLC "PHOENIX" and others, companies from Belarus - LLC TM "NA VSE STO", IP "OKSIN A.N.", and also their Chinese counterparts. The Chinese company HAVSUN, which has been operating on the Russian market for many years, this year for the first time after the pandemic break, the company presented at the exhibition a wide variety of monuments, memorial complexes, other ritual products, as well as machines for applying images and inscriptions on steles. Among other Chinese companies exhibiting ritual products, one can note the company CHINA WITTY INTERNATIONAL LTD, which has been participating in the exhibition since its inception, as well as BEIJING HUAXIALVGU CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING, QINGDAO HAISEN STONE CO LTD, XIAMEN TIANLONG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO LTD, etc.< /p>

Another important section of the exhibition is equipment for mining and stone processing.

Stone mining equipment was offered to the attention of visitors by Russian (STONE BOBER LLC, IMPOS STONE LLC, etc.) and Chinese companies (CHANGSHA BETO NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO LTD, NANAN RUILONG MACHINERY CO LTD, XIAMEN DAFON SUPPLY CHAIN CO LTD, etc.).

HUADA SUPERABRASIVE TOOL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. presented comprehensive solutions for quarrying, including a double-blade quarry machine using ECONETIC permanent magnet technology and other types of double-blade quarry machines, chain saws and pneumatic hammer drills.

Regular participant of the exhibition NPO EXPERIMENTAL PLANT LLC "(Rezh) has been producing stone mining and processing equipment for more than 30 years. This year, visitors were offered a bar machine “Victoria” for the extraction of solid marble blocks in open quarries and a low-ledge machine “Arima” for the extraction of wall stone in open quarries.

Traditionally, stone processing equipment made in Italy is widely used in Russia. Italian machines and equipment were widely demonstrated at dealer stands.

The INTERMAC company - DONATONI and their official dealer in Russia LLC "COMPANY YUTA" provided a CNC milling-bridge machine with five interpolated axes DONATONI JET 625 TOOL + -, which can be used for cutting slabs of natural and artificial stone, producing countertops, etc. An innovative system of vacuum suction cups on the working head of the machine serves to move cut pieces and allows optimize work and increase productivity. The machine is equipped with a system for photographing the slab using a camera located above the machine and a special display program, which makes it possible to optimally use the slab and perform sawing, following the pattern of the stone and avoiding possible defects. An additional vertical spindle with a 1/2 gas connection, 15,000 rpm allows you to work with small diameter cutters at high speeds, this allows you to make cutouts for sinks and hobs without chipping.

At the stand of the STONE SERVICE group of companies » the DISCOVERY 5 AXIS PLUS CNC bridge machine from the Italian manufacturer EMMEDUE was presented. Thanks to a powerful motor (17.6 kW), 5 interpolated axes, an advanced control system and software, it allows you to perform cutting, milling and drilling automatically and in one step, reducing processing time and costs.

STONE SERVICE COMPANY -NEVA for the first time exhibited a five-axis sawing machine MANTA POKER from the Italian manufacturer NUOVA MONDIAL MEC - this is a reliable and productive machine for large workshops and stone processing plants that can perform cuts of any complexity. Features of the machine are: more than 20 pre-installed macros in the basic version, a centralized automatic lubrication system, an 11 kW main engine with an updated design (reduced size), which allows processing material with maximum productivity, pneumatic locking of all axes, which guarantees high accuracy of cutting geometry and etc.


The oldest Italian company PEDRINI, a manufacturer of equipment for cutting and processing marble and granite, took direct part in the exhibition for the first time since the pandemic.

ASSOCIATION OF MACHINE TRADING COMPANIES “KAMI” demonstrated the OMAG DIGITALE 5 (Italy) stone cutting machine in operation. This is a 5-axis monoblock machine that has been specially designed for cutting (in one or more passes) granite, marble and artificial stone products. The machine has the following technological features: 2 working spindles - the main spindle provides cutting with a disk and working with a milling cutter, the auxiliary spindle is used for working with a drill, and the tools in the spindles can be swapped at any time; proprietary FAST CUT software from OMAG, which has no analogues in the world in terms of speed and ease of use; In order to increase automation, as well as speed of operation and adjustment, the machine is equipped with a CNC system manufactured by SIEMENS. The machine uses vacuum suction cups, automatic systems for determining the thickness of the workpiece and the diameter and length of the tool.

The KAMI company has always maintained a balance between European and Chinese equipment, offering customers a wide selection of machines. Due to changes in market conditions, as well as thanks to the rich experience of working with Chinese suppliers, the company quickly prepared a set of machines for customers for all needs. At the exhibition, a 5-axis Chinese stone cutting machine STONECUT 5 was presented, which can be used both in small workshops and in large stone processing enterprises. The machine is equipped with an Italian control system - ESA s.P.a. The servo motors in the machine are also manufactured by ESA, which ensures full compatibility with the control system and the best performance of the machine as a whole. The machine has all the necessary options for comfortable work - a lifting hydraulic table, vacuum suction cups, a camera, systems for measuring workpiece thickness and tool diameter, as well as a powerful 26.4 kW spindle, which allows you to process any material, including the hardest granite.

Over the past few decades, a number of factories have been founded in China for the production of equipment for the extraction and processing of natural stone. The equipment that is produced in China today is not comparable to what was produced 20 or even 10 years ago and which caused a lot of criticism. Today China offers high-quality machines, the performance and reliability of which are guaranteed by manufacturers and dealers. At the exhibition, Chinese equipment was offered by such companies as FUJIAN SHENGDA MACHINERY CORPORATION (equipment for the full cycle of processing marble and granite, including multi-blade saws and machines for polishing slabs), XIAMEN HENGLONGS IMP. & EXP. CO LTD (automated granite polishing machines, tile cutting and polishing equipment, bridge edging machines, multi-blade block saws), XIAMEN KINGRHINO IMPORT & EXPORT CO LTD (5-axis bridge stone cutting machines, CNC diamond wire cutting equipment, cutting of columns, balusters, ornaments, profiling machines, sintered stone cutting machines), XIAMEN MASCERA TECHNOLOGY CO LTD (5-axis bridge saws, automatic column cutting machines, automatic continuous gas cutting machines, infrared bridge machines, slab polishing equipment , console grinding machines), etc.

Turkish companies also took part in the exhibition - manufacturers of stone processing equipment. This is USEL MAKINA - a developer and manufacturer of 5-axis bridge-type CNC machining centers, 3 and 5-axis CNC waterjet cutting machines, 3-axis CNC milling machines and the company EFARGE MAKİNA İMALAT SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş., which is ready to supply to the Russian market edge and surface processing machines, calibrating and polishing equipment, stone splitting machines, blasting machines, drying machines, equipment for loading, rotating and moving stone.

The machine for cutting stone, made in Iran, presented by ALVAND LLC, aroused particular interest among visitors.

Widely presented at the exhibition were laser and milling engraving machines.

SOFTELECTRONICS LLC exhibited a CNC rope machine "Vector" for figured cutting of stone, a 3D CNC milling machine "Relief" for working on stone and wood, a 3-axis impact engraving machine "Zubr- 300S". LLC "SAUNO" demonstrated impact, milling, laser-impact and sharpening machines in operation, "URALFREZER" (IP F.V. SHEVCHENKO) - milling and laser engraving machines with CNC, the company GRAVER 5 - various engraving machines under its own brand ENGRAVER.

MIRTELS LLC offered its customers a wide range of engraving and milling machines. A new product from MIRTELS - the MILGRAF MI6060 milling machine - is the most compact CNC milling machine with full functionality, allowing you to solve a number of production problems with high accuracy. The machine allows you to mill a range of stones to a depth of 10 mm (granite, porcelain stoneware, diabase, basalt, natural and cast marble). In addition to performing its main task - milling volumetric text and graphic images to various depths when processing stone, this milling cutter has a unique function - coordinate drilling of holes for installing metal letters.

Sandblasting machines were presented by IP "A.V. BUKLANOV" and IP "GONCHARIK" (Belarus).

Various types of auxiliary equipment were also presented. Thus, the HTS PRODUCTION COMPANY brought to the exhibition a system for purifying circulating water from sludge for stone-processing machines, NPK CONTECH LLC offered pyrotechnic gas generator cartridges for stripping operations.

A significant number of exhibitors demonstrated diamond and abrasive tools.

Tools from famous Italian (ABRASIVI ADRIA, ABRESSA, ACHILLI, ITALDIAMANT, DIAMUT, OMA SYSTEMS, TENAX and etc.) and German brands (AKEMI, BOSCH, GALESKI, etc.) was presented at the stands of leading dealers - such as ALMIR COMPANY LLC, STONE SERVICE GC, as well as RUSKAMEN LLC . "COMBO", IP "ORLOV", LLC "SURFACES VOSTOK", etc., Belarus (IP "A.V. BUKLANOV", LLC "PEIVE"), South Korea (OOO "ALMIR COMPANY", LLC "STONE SERVICE", "SANKY" (Belarus).

Diamond tools Chinese production were presented by Chinese companies themselves - more than 35 well-known manufacturers participated in the exhibition, among them EXIN DIAMOND NEW MATERIAL CO LTD, HUAZUAN DIAMOND TOOLS, GUILIN TEBON SUPERHARD MATERIAL CO LTD, HENAN HUANGHE WHIRLWIND INTERNATIONAL CO LTD, NANAN EIN DIAMOND TOOLS CO., MING DIAMOND TOOLS and many others. AMOY KYNKO INDUSTRIAL LIMITED presented power tools under its own brand KYNKO.

Chinese tools could also be seen at the stands of Russian dealers - BOREWAY, STARPOWERTOOLS, TDK LLC, ALMIR COMPANY LLC, STONE SERVICE GC, EXPO-INSTRUMENT, etc.

Stone care and preservation products were demonstrated mainly by Russian dealers of foreign companies. A wide range of stone care products is presented by ALMIR COMPANY LLC. Mastics, adhesives, chemicals for cleaning and protecting natural stone from BELLIN ZONI attracted the attention of visitors with their diversity. The STONE SERVICE group of companies showed adhesives, impregnations and polishes from the company AKEMI (Germany), ILPA and TENAX (Italy). The company "STONE SERVICE NEVA" presented chemicals for stone brands AKEMI, TENAX, BELLINZONI, as well as stone protection products, color enhancers and adhesives under its own brand TECH-NICK.

EKIM LLC, the official dealer of ELKAY (Turkey), showed a line of chemicals for stone processing from this largest Turkish manufacturer.

Among the participants from China there were also companies working in this field (QUANZHOU FAITHFUL MACHINERY CO LTD, etc.)

The exposition of some companies combined different groups of products. Thus, the largest participant in the exhibition, ALMIR COMPANY LLC, presented a large selection of products for stone processing from 14 countries, including machines and machines for cutting and polishing stone; diamond profile cutters, drills, discs and “turtles”; abrasive segments for automatic polishing lines; everything for repolishing stone floors; mastics, adhesives and impregnations; devices for lifting and transporting stone slabs; modular flexible tubes for coolant supply; bronze decor and letters for monuments, etc. Among the company's new products are brushless power tools (“grinders”) ALMIR; branded tape measures with stainless steel cloth; affordable chemical products from the Turkish brand ISONEM for a bright and lasting wet effect and a very powerful hydrophobic agent without changing the color of the stone. Products manufactured in Russia occupy a worthy place in the company’s assortment.

The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive Business program.

As part of the “STONE INDUSTRY-2023”, practical master classes and seminars were held for industry representatives. A well-known specialist Igor Sosin (project “STONE PROCESSING. LIKBEZ” and LLC “ALMIR COMPANY”) held seminars on the topics “PRACTICE OF USING VARIOUS PRODUCTS TO REMOVE STAINS ON NATURAL STONE”, “STAIN PROTECTION SYSTEMS FOR MARBLES. SOME TECHNOLOGICAL METHODS WHEN CARRYING OUT RESTORATION WORK AT OBJECTS", "PRACTICE OF USING VARIOUS ADHESIVE COMPOSITIONS FOR FILLING JOINT JOINTS, CRACKS, CAVERS AND CHIPS ON NATURAL STONE DIRECTLY ON OBJECTS", "PRACTICE RESTORATION OF “RESINATURE” DIRECTLY AT THE OBJECTS. METHODS OF REPAINTING AND TINTING MARBLE AND GRANITE, etc. The seminar of the leading technologist of the STONE SERVICE Group, Dmitry Firsov, on the topic of using chemicals for processing natural stone aroused great interest among the listeners.

Another traditional aspect of the exhibition's business program is seminars for architects and designers on the use of natural stone. A permanent partner of the exhibition, Communication Agency "ARCHDIALOG" held seminars on the topics "ARTIFICIAL STONE VS NATURAL: WHERE TO USE FOR A DESIGNER AND WHAT TO MAKE A CHOICE FOR?", "NATURAL STONE IN VARIOUS EXTERIOR STYLES", "STONE IN THE INTERIOR: IMPORTANT POINTS AND TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS" , “CUSTOM STONE PRODUCTS: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS, CONTROL OF PERFORMERS AND INSTALLATION”, International Bureau of Interior and Architecture “KASHUBA DESIGN” - seminar “NATURAL STONE - CREATIVE MULTIPURPOSE”.

Vadim Vorontsov, head of production of the company "YUSSA-Gran" made a presentation "Moscow's only center for personnel training and service of stone-processing machines with CNC in the ALL IN ONE format based on its own production from the company "YUSSA-Gran".

At the exhibition there was a presentation of a new organization in the field of stone processing called “UNION OF STONE PROCESSERS” is the first professional union that covers the whole of Russia. Who are we, what are the advantages we have in the Union” - it was conducted by the Chairman of the Union Lev Zohrabyan.

STONE INDUSTRY-2023 was held in a working business atmosphere and was highly appreciated by participants and visitors.

Take part in the main event of the stone industry in Russia